How Wearing Moncler Takes Us To New Heights

The visual metaphor in Moncler’s gorgeous new marketing video is quite effective. Dreamy filmed scenes of metropolitan cityscapes surround a model who appears to be focused and on a mission. Before navigating over obstructions, including even scaling a building’s side to reach the top of the skyline that resembles a mountain peak, he appears to check his balance.

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Like many great fashion photos, these are inspirational because they play on a common vision that all of us have: the desire to overcome the impossibly difficult obstacles and reach the unreachable. However, more than just imagination, fashion, or luxury are being expressed. Beneath all of this, there’s a genuine thing going on: Moncler, which is commemorating its 70th anniversary this year, makes jackets with all the technological engineering one would anticipate from a company that has faced obstacles from its founding, such as outfitting the first Italian trip to K2.

Actually, the climb up the mountain captures exactly what makes Moncler so appealing: it’s about achieving one’s goals in addition to being a practical physical undertaking. Even if reaching the top of such a challenging mountain in 1954 would have been unthinkable, everyone of us wears Moncler today in the pursuit of our own incredible dreams. That objective may, of course, entail ice or snow. However, it might also mean starting that charity, landing the corner office, or just getting into a creative flow that makes an ordinary day extraordinary.

In light of this, we asked four Vogue contributors to discuss how they plan to wear their favorite Moncler pieces this autumn and how doing so would inspire them to reach their objectives.

Monica Kim

I had moved to Seoul from New York two years prior, seeking a fresh challenge. A buddy of mine first advised me to “start over” and “learn how to do things our way.” I followed the rules for a while. I wore formless blouses and dark pants to blend in with the surroundings. I would lurk against walls during fittings and picture sessions, bending my head to each individual who came by. I dealt with people who had lost their humanity, but who I had once admired. I discovered that if I decided to give up compassion, I too could struggle my way to the top. Alternatively, I may separate myself and go at my own speed and style. I’m going to dye my hair a bright pink and pair my attractive black Moncler miniskirt with knee-length leather boots. Remain surrounded by kind people and encourage them, smile when I welcome people, and defy authority. Recall that being unique is an admirable and courageous thing to do.

Singer Maya

I’ve been thinking a lot about the weather lately. Not climate, that’s a whole other bag of worms certain to make you anxious, but just regular, everyday weather. Will it rain today? What exactly is the dew point? How come I like a 90 degree summer day just fine one year and find another 90 degree day unbearably hot? Does this have anything to do with some unexplained, inexplicable variations in the atmosphere? These inquiries are actually a digression into my writing methodology, prompted by the realization I had not too long ago that I write much of my greatest work in my thoughts while taking leisurely walks. When the weather is clear and mild, I can easily handle this; on those days, I’ll begin my mornings by, for example, hoofing over the Brooklyn Bridge, getting coffee someplace in Williamsburg, and then walking down the river for as long it takes for my creative juices to flow. As a result, bad weather makes my job more difficult. For this reason, I’ve decided to spend money on some quality cold weather clothing this year. The Anthon Short Down Jacket from Moncler is my top pick because of its trim silhouette’s unmistakable chicness and state-of-the-art quilted, regenerated ripstop nylon shell that effectively wards off chilly weather. (Plus: I enjoy sparkly objects.) Walking straight into September, I’m going to order the second thing on my wish list: a pair of leather and mohair snow boots from Moncler. Their attractiveness should be instantly apparent. I think I’ll be able to brave massive snowstorms in these kicks, much like an urban Nanook of the North. (Advantage: I enjoy fuzzy stuff.) I’ve come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to embrace the weather and use its countless changes to create the story I want to convey.

Smith Raven

People complain about the city commute because it’s stressful to cram yourself into a train car with Americano dripping through your fingers. However, I get the best ideas when I stealthily observe my fellow passengers and take in all the unique ways they style themselves. Of course, staring is impolite, but my discreet eye grazing doesn’t hurt anyone, and my Moncler glasses give my glances a refined sheen.

It’s a good thing that the knit gives an alpine urbanity reminiscent of those tiny fragrant air freshener trees found in taxis. The actual explorer food is disgusting; it’s essentially vacuum-packed meal replacement dust in blocks. See me outside, preparing to climb the escalators, with a chopped salad or packaged sandwich and a jumper around my waist.

Roxanne Fequiere

I used to question my gut feelings a lot as a young lady and aspiring artist. But now that I’ve spent years attempting to fit into numerous roles, I have a fresh appreciation for the visual allusions that have always made my heart skip a beat. Moncler’s jet black Aumar trench coat and quilted fit and flare dress have classic construction, tight waistlines, and a structured insouciance that seems anchored in a specific age yet eternally contemporary.

Style and substance go hand in hand, of course, and as time has gone on, I’ve come to realize that my unwavering taste for these simple, jet set-inspired designs is a reflection of the same qualities that guide all of my writing: intelligence, poise, practicality, and an unquenchable curiosity about the world outside my window.