Here’s how deepfake technology can actually be a good thing.

The number of deepfake videos in the public domain has increased dramatically over the past year due to recent advancements in the technology. With face-swapping applications like Zao, individuals can quickly create deepfake videos by exchanging their faces with celebrities. Read More: faceswap These developments are the outcome of deep generative modeling, a novel approach


Does Counseling Actually Help?

I began seeing a therapist in my late 20s after falling into a deep fog of bewilderment while living alone in New York and unsure of what to do next. Most trips had me sitting in a chair with a tissue box on the tiny table next to it, but there was also a sofa


Is Astrology Real? Here’s What Science Says

It’s price noting that astrology isn’t a scientifically acknowledged area and there’s no proof that the positions of stars and planets at the time of one’s delivery have any impact on a person’s life. Astrology, Divination that consists of decoding the influence of stars and planets on earthly affairs and human destinies. It originated in